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Admissions requirements

Admission to the College is by personal interview only. In addition to their Major, Specialization, or Honours program, members of the Science College are enrolled in a Minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science. Our enrolment has increased from 12 students in 1979 to the current number of 70 students. The College accepts 20 to 25 students every year.

Criteria of eligibility

The criteria for eligibility necessitates that the applicant to apply to the Science College. Students must enrol in a science program that leads to a BSc degree in order to be part of Science College. Students registered for a BCompSc or a BA may be eligible as evaluated by the College.

The interview

Students are granted an interview if the student is accepted at Concordia University. The personal interview is the key determinant for acceptance to the college. To be accepted students must possess a good academic background in natural sciences, excellent grades, and complementary involvement outside the academic field.

Other considerations

When an individual applies to the college, first the grades are evaluated and a decision is made whether to grant that individual an interview. The personal interview dictates one’s acceptance to the college. Consequently, student’s exhibits exceptional motivation and aptitude but those whose performance at the interview supersede their ability to obtain excellent grades are accepted to the college. Many of these students evolve as amongst the college’s best achievers.

When one applies to the Science College, one's grades are looked at and taken into account, however, large emphasis is placed on the personal interview. Hence, students who show exceptional motivation and capacity, but for some reason were not successful in obtaining the best grades can be accepted. Many of these students turn out to be among the College's high achievers.

Each student is sent a letter after the interview and, if accepted, confirmation must be sent to the College.


Contact us to arrange an interview or visit Science College. 

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