Human Relations (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Why study Human Relations?

Train the leaders of the future. Help people fulfill their potential. When you study human relations, your passion for people shapes you into an agent for social change. Expertise in human relationships in the community and the workplace sets you on a path towards the helping professions. Whether you want to build strong teams in the corporate world or get organized at a grassroots level, our Human Relations program gives you the tools to become a next-generation leader.

Newly admitted students will enter the department in the Human Relations Major or Specialization program. The student will be able to select a concentration at the end of their first semester after having successfully completed the course AHSC 270 (Introduction to Human Relations Theory and Research).  AHSC 270 will give a broad perspective on the various systems upon which the Human Relations concentrations will focus. Transfers to one of the concentrations will be done by way of an internal transfer process available in the department.

Our department offers four concentrations in which to focus:

Program Details

A Bachelor of Arts degree takes a minimum of three or four years (90 – 120 credits) of full-time study, depending on your academic background.

Program options:

  • Specialization in Human Relations (60 credits)
    The concentrations in Individual & Small Group Processes; Family Science; Community Development; and, Organization Development and Change have specialization options. The Specialization is intended to develop a high level of skill and knowledge in the specific concentration and its applications in practical settings.

    The Specialization includes a research component and an internship in the final year, culminating and focusing on the student's emphasis of study.
  • Major in Human Relations (42 credits)
    The concentrations in Individual & Small Group Processes; Community Development; and, Organization Development and Change have major options.

    The Major is intended to develop human relations skills and a good grounding in the specific concentration. The Major includes a fieldwork component in the final year, which gives the students an opportunity to apply the skills, and knowledge derived from the classroom. The Major gives the students the flexibility to take a variety of elective courses in other areas in addition to Applied Human Sciences, or for those with specific needs or interests, to select a double Major or Minor in another department to fulfill their degree requirements.

  • Minor in Human Relations (30 credits)
    This program gives the student an opportunity to obtain knowledge and practice in group dynamics, group leadership, interpersonal relations and communications, design skills and simulated class practice in facilitation. The Minor is designed to provide a basic understanding of group and/or teamwork which is an increasingly important aspect in today's work environment.

See requirements for each option in the Undergraduate Calendar.

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