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Theological Studies (MA)

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Master of Arts (MA)
Program type
Thesis, Course-based
Primary campus
Sir George Williams (SGW)
2 years
45 credits
Start term
Fall, Winter

Program overview

The MA in Theological Studies explores the relationship between religious experience and human society. With the Church operating in an increasingly pluralistic world, Christianity’s role is in constant evolution. Our researchers approach the history of theology with respect while maintaining an eye on the future. As part of the humanities, our program provides an interdisciplinary environment for advanced research by using methodologies present in philosophy, history and languages. Our student body is composed of individuals from a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds who are interested in questions of faith and spirituality. You’ll join a vibrant community of researchers and faculty members who will encourage you to go beyond established disciplinary boundaries as you examine the roles of theology and belief in a secular era.

Program structure

Degree Requirements

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Please see the Theological Studies Courses page for course descriptions.

Theological Studies MA (45 credits)

Theological Studies MA Option A: MA with Thesis (45 credits)


credits of Required Courses:

THEO 603 Method in Theology (3.00)
THEO 604 Theological Hermeneutics (3.00)
THEO 605 Methods in Biblical Studies (3.00)
THEO 690 Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Proposal (6.00)


credits of Theology MA Elective Courses



THEO 697 Thesis (21.00)

Theological Studies MA Option B: MA with Applied Project in Theology (45 credits)


credits of Required Courses:

THEO 603 Method in Theology (3.00)
THEO 604 Theological Hermeneutics (3.00)
THEO 605 Methods in Biblical Studies (3.00)

18credits of Theology MA Elective Courses


THEO 6910 Research Paper Preparation (3.00)
THEO 6911 Research Paper (6.00)
THEO 6920 Applied Project in Theology Preparation (3.00)
THEO 6921 Applied Project in Theology (6.00)

Theology MA Elective Courses

THEO 621 Old Testament I (3.00)
THEO 623 Old Testament II (3.00)
THEO 627 Questions in Old Testament Research (3.00)
THEO 629 Intertestament Studies (3.00)
THEO 631 New Testament I (3.00)
THEO 633 New Testament II (3.00)
THEO 635 New Testament III (3.00)
THEO 637 Questions in New Testament Research (3.00)
THEO 639 Biblical Studies (3.00)
THEO 641 History I (3.00)
THEO 643 History II (3.00)
THEO 645 History III (3.00)
THEO 647 Research in History of Christian Thought (3.00)
THEO 649 Questions in Christian Worship (3.00)
THEO 651 Theology I (3.00)
THEO 653 Theology II (3.00)
THEO 655 Theology III (3.00)
THEO 657 Questions in Theological Research (3.00)
THEO 661 Ecclesiology I (3.00)
THEO 663 Ecclesiology II (3.00)
THEO 664 Ecclesiology III (3.00)
THEO 667 Research In Ecclesiology (3.00)
THEO 669 Theology & World Religions (3.00)
THEO 671 Ethics I (3.00)
THEO 673 Ethics II (3.00)
THEO 675 Issues in Ethical Research (3.00)


THEO 697 Thesis (21.00)

Admission requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Solid undergraduate preparation with a range of competence similar to that demanded of Major students at Concordia, and a minimum B average in their undergraduate studies.
  • Proficiency in English. Applicants whose primary language is not English must demonstrate that their knowledge of English is sufficient to pursue graduate studies in their chosen field. Please refer to the English language proficiency page for further information on requirements and exemptions.
  • Language Requirements. Thesis proposals which depend on special linguistic skills will be accepted only from students competent in the appropriate languages.

Application process

Application deadlines


June 1


November 1



Priority will be given to complete applications submitted by the deadline. In some cases, programs may continue to accept applications as long as there is space available.

International students: Considering the waiting period involved in meeting the entry requirements to Canada and Quebec, we strongly encourage international applicants to apply early and submit supporting documents prior to the deadline.

Tuition & funding

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees of the program may depend on your student status, among other key factors. Estimate these costs based on the most common situations.

Awards and funding

Funding packages are generally available for students in thesis-based programs. They come in the form of awards, teaching and research assistantships are offered at the time of admission to most students to allow them to focus on their research and studies. Research and thesis-based students are automatically considered for all entrance graduate awards when they apply to Concordia, provided they meet eligibility criteria. No separate application is required.

The Quebec and Canadian governments offer a number of competitive graduate scholarships. We encourage you to apply for these awards at the same time you are preparing your application.

Out-of-province students

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