Child Studies (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Why choose Child Studies?

Enrich a child’s life through activities that engage and inspire them. Through a curriculum that combines theory and fieldwork, you’ll gain a strong foundation for working with children, with a broad knowledge base and the ability to:

  • foster the physical, emotional, psychological cognitive and academic development of preschool or school-age children;
  • understand children’s roles in family, community and cultural contexts;
  • meet the needs of children and families in preschool, inclusive and community education settings.

After graduating with practical experience and a well-rounded skill set, you’ll be recognized by Quebec’s Ministère de la Famille to work in preschool settings. Graduates of the program have also gone on to work as paraprofessionals in inclusive schools or rehabilitation settings. A degree in Child Studies is also a solid foundation for further professional training or graduate studies in teaching, occupational therapy, social work, educational psychology and speech and language psychology, among other fields.

Program Details

Completion of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Child Studies takes a minimum of three to four years (90 to 120 credits) of full-time study. The Program Requirement for Major in Child Studies includes a total of 45 credits.

  • Major in Child Studies (45 credits)

All students completing a BA in Child Studies must complete 24 compulsory credits of foundation/theoretical knowledge, and 15 specified credits in one of the two Area of  Specialization: (a) Early Childhood Settings, and (b) Exceptionality and Diversity in Childhood Settings. In addition, students also complete 6 credits (2 courses) in education to broaden their knowledge in the field and to enrich their competencies to work effectively with children; these courses, cross-listed with other programs in the Department, include Comparative Education, Educational Technology, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Research Methods, etc.

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