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Child Studies (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Why choose Child Studies?

Enrich a child’s life through activities that engage and inspire them. Through a curriculum that combines theory and fieldwork, you’ll gain a strong foundation for working with children, with a broad knowledge base and the ability to:

  • foster the physical, emotional, psychological cognitive and academic development of preschool or school-age children;
  • understand children’s roles in family, community and cultural contexts;
  • meet the needs of children and families in preschool, inclusive and community education settings.

After graduating with practical experience and a well-rounded skill set, you’ll be recognized by Quebec’s Ministère de la Famille to work in preschool settings. Graduates of the program have also gone on to work as paraprofessionals in inclusive schools or rehabilitation settings. A degree in Child Studies is also a solid foundation for further professional training or graduate studies in teaching, occupational therapy, social work, educational psychology and speech and language psychology, among other fields.

Program Details

Completion of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Child Studies takes a minimum of three to four years (90 to 120 credits) of full-time study. The Program Requirement for Major in Child Studies includes a total of 45 credits.

  • Major in Child Studies (45 credits)

All students completing a BA in Child Studies must complete 24 compulsory credits of foundation/theoretical knowledge, and 15 specified credits in one of the two Area of  Specialization: (a) Early Childhood Settings, and (b) Exceptionality and Diversity in Childhood Settings. In addition, students also complete 6 credits (2 courses) in education to broaden their knowledge in the field and to enrich their competencies to work effectively with children; these courses, cross-listed with other programs in the Department, include Comparative Education, Educational Technology, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Research Methods, etc.

See the full degree requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar

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March 1

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Admission to this program is only available for the Fall Term.

Outside Canada
February 1    N/A

We reserve the right to close admission to a program at any time after the official deadline without prior notice.

The BA Child Studies Program offers courses in the foundations of educational practices that introduce the students to the theories of child development and other issues related to the physical, emotional, psychological cognitive and academic development in children within the context of family, community and inclusive philosophy. Specialized courses and field placements are offered in two areas:

  • Early Childhood Settings
  • Exceptionality and Diversity in Childhood Settings

Students who choose Early Childhood Settings will develop the expertise to work in childcare settings, as recognized by Quebec’s Ministère de la Famille et des Aînes (MFA). Those who choose Exceptionality and Diversity in Childhood Settings will be prepared to work as paraprofessionals in inclusive education settings or rehabilitation settings.   

We also encourage our students to develop research skills for post-graduate studies in the future.

Sample classes

  • Psychology of Education
  • Child Development
  • Ecology of the Family
  • Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Settings and for School Age Populations
  • Play in Early Childhood Settings
  • Children, Families and Social Policy
  • Children’s Popular Cultural and Media Literacy

Please see full degree requirements, and a comprehensive list of courses and their descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Internal applicants
Students who are already pursuing an undergraduate degree at Concordia and who wish to apply to Child Studies need to complete only the Department of Education application.

If you are a Concordia student but not enrolled in a B.A. Degree (ex.B.Com.,B.F.A.,B.Sc., B.Ed.)


  • You must also fill the attached Internal Student Application to BA Major in Child Studies form and submit it to the Department of Education with the required documents.

A current transcript of Concordia grades and a letter describing previous experience and study related to child care as well as a statement of career goals . If you have accumulated fewer than 18 credits, an copy of your CEGEP grades must be submitted.

Applying as a graduating student
PLEASE NOTE: If you are in your last year at Concordia University and will be graduating at the end of this academic year, you are considered to be an external applicant and must re-apply to the University by completing the General University application form.

For questions about the program please contact or 514-848-2424 ext. 2029

Graduates are prepared to take on challenging positions as educators and administrators in daycares, hospitals and after-school programs. Others pursue graduate studies to do research in child studies or educational psychology.

The Department has several specialized facilities that support student engagement in the practical application of their studies. Computers are integrated into all aspects of student life at the graduate and undergraduate levels and every seminar room is designed to support computer use by faculty members and students alike. 

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