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Michael Di Grappa

Michael Di Grappa

Vice-President, Services and Sustainability

“At all times, our team members worked incredibly hard and for that we are tremendously grateful.”

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Alex Aragona

France Bigras

Flexibility and modern solutions
Jacques Lachance

Darren Dumoulin

Serving the community professionally
Fréderic Guilhem

Pietro Gasparrini

Streamlining systems and recognizing outstanding work
Marie-Claude Lavoie

Marie-Claude Lavoie

Navigating change and building for the future
Sabrina Lavoie

Sabrina Lavoie

Creatively adapting to new challenges
Fréderic Guilhem

D'Arcy Ryan

A Stingers win 23 years in the making

Carolina Willsher

Thriving in the face of major transformation
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