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Financial Figures 2022-23

Vice-President, Services and Sustainability Annual Budget in $M
Facilities Management 49.9
Instructional and Information Technology Services 25.1
Campus Safety and Prevention Services 7.8
Human Resources 9.1
Sustainability 1.0
Strategic Initiatives 2.2
Environmental Health and Safety 2.2
Office of the Vice-President 1.8
Repayment of interest on capital investments 4.5
Total Net Deficit from Revenues-Generating Areas (6.4)
Total for VPSS 97.1


Revenue-Generating areas (see Note)
Revenues 27.2
Expenses 20.7
Total Net Contribution (Deficit) from Revenues-generating Areas 6.4

Includes Hospitality, Business Services (Parking, Printing and Stores), Residences, Recreation & Athletics and commercial leases.

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