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Whether you're coming to Concordia on foot or on wheels, there are plenty of commuting options that are good for your health and the planet.

Why sustainable transport?

  • Better our communities – Active and sustainable transportation makes your community safer by reducing the risk of vehicle-pedestrian accidents. It also increases social interaction within the community and decrease traffic noise.
  • Improve your health – Active and sustainable transportation enhances physical, mental, and emotional health. People who cycle to work are 4 to 15% more productive (Vélo Québec).
  • Save money – Driving 18,000 km per year costs an average of $8,441.25 per year or 46.9 cents per kilometre (Canadian Automobile Association 2011 national average for a Cobalt LT).
  • Help the environment – Active and sustainable transportation keeps our air clean by improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Campus and public transport

Concordia shuttle

Public transportation

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Reservations required

Rail and air travel

Are you a faculty or staff member at Concordia?

Would you like to promote and build awareness of a low-carbon work culture at Concordia?

Are there some activities that you can take on without air travel?

Commit to mindfully reducing your flying activities!

Flying Less Concordia, developed within the department of Geography, Planning and Environment, is a project that envisions the reduction of academic flying emissions. Their goal is to get everyone within Concordia University to commit to flying less, while promoting alternative solutions for academic success.

Learn more about the Pledge.

Staff and faculty have access to two discounts when travelling with VIA Rail Canada. The VIA Rail Canada network spans from coast to coast. Railway travel is considered a low-emission mode of transportation and is a recommended alternative to air travel when possible.

Business travel

As per Concordia’s Travel and Conferences Handbook for staff and faculty, those travelling for business purposes are entitled to a 15% discount with Via Rail. As well, regardless of the cost in comparison to economy airfare, you may choose to travel in business class rail when travelling between Montreal and the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec! Please consult the Travel and Conference Policy Handbook for more details.

Leisure travel

For leisure travel, staff and faculty have access to a discount of 12.5% on each ticket for up to three additional tickets for people travelling with them. Please visit the VIA Rail Canada webpage for the discount code and conditions.

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