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About sustainability at Concordia

Sustainability at Concordia is a community-wide effort made up of students, fee-levy associations, faculty and staff working toward a vision of sustainability at Concordia and beyond that is environmentally healthy, socially robust and economically just.

Close-up of a person planting in a garden.

The mission

To foster leadership capacity and applied action that achieves the following:

  • Supports Concordia’s long-term goals to become a zero-waste, zero-carbon campus by 2040.
  • Enhances channels at Concordia for sustainable food sourcing, campus-grown food, and provision of affordable, healthy, inclusive food options.
  • Positions Concordia as a world leader in sustainable research practices and in interdisciplinary sustainability research with meaningful effects on society.
  • Fosters an interdisciplinary understanding and applied practice of sustainability
    within and beyond our students’ chosen fields.
  • Advances the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Links our campus and operations with meaningful teaching, learning and research opportunities through community engagement, student leadership development,
    and living lab frameworks.

We seek to enact all sustainability work through a mindset and approach that supports Indigenization, decolonization, equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice. We endeavour to align with, and champion, the recommendations and work resulting from Concordia’s Indigenous Directions Action Plan, EDI Action Plan and Task Force on Anti-Black Racism Final Report.

Hand putting together a four-piece puzzle representing sustainability.

Guiding principles

The university’s approach is guided by the following sustainability principles, as outlined in greater detail in our sustainability policy:

  • Access to knowledge
  • Biodiversity preservation
  • Economic efficiency
  • Environmental protection and enhancement
  • Equity and diversity
  • Health and quality of life
  • Participation and commitment
  • Precaution and prevention
  • Protection of cultural heritage
  • Respect for ecosystem support capacity
  • Responsible production and consumption
  • Subsidiarity


Read the full sustainability policy
Hand putting together a four-piece puzzle representing sustainability.

The current approach

People gathered at a Concordia sustainability and safety gala.

Some key players

Our student groups, researchers, staff, student and employee ambassadors, and volunteers work separately and in collaboration to transform Concordia into a truly next-generation university. We strive to cultivate space for critical perspectives, complementary approaches, and meaningful partnerships that further our shared vision of a vibrant, just, sustainable future.

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Sustainability at Concordia

There are numerous sustainability initiatives at Concordia. For a quick overview check out this video.

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