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Sustainability teaching & research

Concordia researchers are making great strides in advancing sustainability through innovative ideas, collaboration across all disciplines and outside-the-box thinking. Their work contributes to making us a world leader in thinking sustainably.

Street view of Concordia's GM building

Sustainability resources for faculty and researchers

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Research guides

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Think tanks, institutes and centres

Our researchers are based in think tanks, institutes and centres that draw from a diverse range of units and departments across the university to generate and mobilize new knowledge.

People at the Next-Generation Cities Institute having a discussion.

© Next-Generation Cities Institute

Next-Generation Cities Institute

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Stylized illustration of a satellite view of the earth

Photo credit: Appolinary Kalashnikova via Unsplash

Sustainability in the Digital Age

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The Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies is located in Concordia's EV building.

Photo credit: Andreas Athienitis

Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies

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Hands under clean, running water cascading from a pipe.

Photo credit: Piyaset via Adobe Stock

Concordia Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems

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Young woman standing beside a tree.

© Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre

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