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Sustainable giving

Want to support Concordia's sustainability initiatives in four key areas? Here's how you can help.

What is Concordia's Sustainability Development Fund?

Concordia's Sustainability Development Fund was put in place for members of the Concordia community who want to financially support sustainability initiatives at the university.

How the funds are distributed

Based on the donor's choice, the Fund is redistributed by Concordia's Sustainability Advisory Committee for projects related to sustainability in these four key areas:

1. Operations
2. Research
3. Teaching and learning
4. Student groups

To give to the sustainability area of your choice...


Support operations-related projects


Support academic initiatives

Teaching & learning

Support community-focused programs

Student initiatives

Support student-led initiatives

To make a general donation

If you are uncertain which area of sustainability you would like to support, you can always make a general donation to the sustainability initiatives at Concordia. Your donation will be used where support is most needed.

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