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Sustainability resources for researchers

From tackling complex sustainability issues to training the next generation of research leaders, here are tools and resources to help support impactful sustainability research at Concordia. 

Support for sustainability research that makes a difference

Researchers are tackling complex sustainability challenges and training the next generation in the knowledge and skills needed to address these issues. That’s why Concordia’s Sustainability in Research Plan commits to foster frameworks to build research collaborations and partnerships, to provide seed funds and support for scaling up research projects, and to mobilize knowledge and advance engaged and impactful sustainability research at Concordia.

Internal funding and award opportunities

Sustainable Transitions Team Research Initiative (STTRI)

Read more about this initiative

Dedicated stream of ARRE funding

Read more about this funding

Dedicated stream of Team Grant program

Read more about this program

Other opportunities

Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program

Learn more about this funding program

Sustainability Across Disciplines Conference

Learn more about the conference


Please contact Dominique Michaud for questions about support for sustainability research at Concordia.

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