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Wicked Problems, Dynamic Solutions

Wicked Problems, Dynamic Solutions: The ecosystem approach and systems thinking, Concordia’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is being offered in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, a Canadian first.

Wicked Problems, Dynamic Solutions MOOC

Prepare to broaden your mind

This unique interdisciplinary course will introduce you to the world of systems thinking in a social-ecological context.

You’ll learn critical concepts about how ecosystems work and examine threats and solutions to current environmental challenges through case studies from around the world, on diverse topics like biodiversity, urban ecosystems and climate change.

Registration and fees

  • This course is free of charge and open to all
  • Registration is open
  • Space is limited, so reserve your spot now

Unique blended-learning option for Concordia students

Concordia students can also take a blended-learning version of this course for credit (GEOG 298). Register for this course. You can also register for courses by logging in to the Student Hub and going to My CU Account > Academic > My courses > Register for courses. 

This course is being hosted by the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, with assistance from the Loyola Sustainability Research Centre.

About the MOOC

The online course was developed in partnership with KnowledgeOne, the learning developer for all of Concordia’s online courses.

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