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WWF Living Planet @ Campus

The World Wildlife Fund Living Planet @ Campus program is designed to deliver inclusive, skill-building and impactful sustainability engagement opportunities.

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Gaining skills to protect the natural world

In an effort to conserve and protect the natural world both on and off campus, the WWF-Canada "Living Planet @ Campus" program encourages students, faculty and staff in the practice of sustainability and the protection of nature on campus and beyond.

Gain knowledge, aptitudes and experience in sustainability leadership!

How to become a Living Planet Leader!

The “Living Planet Leader” certification is a self-guided designation that requires a student to participate in the following sustainability activities during your time at Concordia:

  • participate in volunteering
  • take on new personal and lifestyle sustainability challenges
  • integrate sustainability into your coursework and projects
  • implement leadership and teamwork skills.

On fulfilling these criteria, you will be awarded a certificate and will be able to include the designation on your CV.

Getting started

  1. Register as a Living Planet Leader with WWF Living Planet @ Campus.
  2. Download the worksheet to learn how you can tackle the criteria at Concordia.
  3. Track your progress and record your efforts on your Living Planet Leader profile; don't forget to also submit your activities to the co-curricular record.
  4. Submit your completed application within 3 months after your final academic term of your program (or earlier) and achieve recognition as a Living Planet Leader!
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Living Planet leaders at Concordia

Those progressing through their submission to the Living Planet Leader program can get credit on their co-curricular record. If a student's activities under Living Planet Leader are not already included as valid activities through the co-curricular record, the student can use the "Living Planet Leader" position to gain co-curricular credit.

Our Living Planet Leaders

  • Lou Collin (Specialization in Human Environment; Minor in Sociology)
  • Josiah Becker (Master of Environment)
  • Rivver Griffith (Specialization in Anthropology)
Workshop moderated by Christian Favreau and Jackie Martin, where students learn about becoming a Living Planet Leader during your time at Concordia. This workshop invites you to reflect on your personal assets and outlines the many ways that you can link the certification requirement with the resources and opportunities available to you at Concordia.

Annual Events

Urban biodiversity scavenger hunt

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Earth Hour

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City Nature Challenge

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Become a WWF Living Planet Leader at Concordia

Learn more about Living Planet Leader
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World Wildlife Fund Living Planet @ Campus
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