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Cutting-edge research on zero energy buildings

The mission of the CZEBS is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings while enhancing their safety and comfort by advancing knowledge through research and the building engineering discipline in Canada, by enriching the learning and research experience of students, and by assisting industry in implementing research results and innovations.


Location: 2155 Rue Guy, ER-1431.00, H3H 2L9 Montréal, QC

Latest updates

Students of two classes visited the Varennes Library

Students of two classes, BLDG 6951 by Dr. Athienitis on Passive solar building designs and BLDG 691 by Dr. Ouf on Occupant centric building design and operation, visited the Varennes Library on March 16, 2024. Read more about this first net-zero institutional building in Quebec in articles below:

Charting a new energy-efficiency pathway for schools

Navid Morovat and Andreas Athienitis. Photo courtesy of Concordia University

A news article was published by Canada's National Observer on March 4, 2024. It reported the work by CZEBS's PhD student Navid Morovat on developing and applying MPC (model predictive control) methodology to reduce peak energy demands in a Quebec school. Navid is co-supervised by Dr. Andreas Athienitis of CZEBS, BCEE and Dr. José Candanedo of Université de Sherbrooke. He defended his doctoral thesis on March 6. News link

Young visitors to the solar simulator

Young students visited solar simulator lab of Concordia University on in October 2022

A group of young students from the robotic club located in Montreal West Island ( visited the solar simulator lab as an immersion session to learn about energy generation, storage and distribution, October 14, 2022.


CZEBS professor Ted Stathopoulos awarded the Honoris Genius by OIQ

Dr. Stathopoulos was awarded the Honoris Genius for Engineering Research or Education by the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec on November 25. The prize was created this year to celebrate the order’s 100th anniversary.  For more information, visit the OIQ announcement page and read this Concordia news article on December 17, 2020.

Roadmap to Resilient, Ultra-Low Energy Built Environment with Deep Integration of Renewables in 2050

A CAE webinar on "Low-Carbon and Positive Energy Resilient Communities" was held on October 12, 2021. It focused on lessons learned and experiences from existing and ongoing developments in high profile low-carbon and positive energy communities in Canada and Europe, and on informing the CAE Roadmap on current status and future opportunities and challenges.  To view the presentations (in PDF), follow the link.

The final published proceedings was published: "Roadmap to Resilient Ultra-Low Energy Built Environment with Deep Integration ofenewables in 2050", Proceedings of Montreal Symposium October 16, 2020, Editor: Andreas Athienitis, ISBN 978-0-9690101-1-1.  Hosted at Spectrum Research Repositor of Concordia University.

The Canadian Academy of Engineering Resilient Built Environment Roadmap is officially launched with the following communique on the CAE website. This project is co-chaired by Andreas Athienitis and Andrew Pape-Salmon. Our Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (CZEBS) co-organized with CAE at Concordia the planning workshop for the Roadmap on March 22, 2019.  EN: Download PDF. FR: Download PDF.

Conference on Building Energy & Environment (COBEE 2022)

The 5th COBEE conference was hosted by the CZEBS, Concordia University in Montreal in July 2022The 5th COBEE conference will be hosted by the CZEBS, Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, 25th-29th July 2022  Chaired Dr. Liangzhu (Leon) Wang, with two co-chairs, Dr. Ge from CZEBS, and Dr. Zhai from University of Colorado Boulder, USA.  Dr. Athienitis, Dr. Stathopoulos, and Dr. Zmeureanu serve as Program Chairs for organizing and chairing different expertise programs.  See more on Concordia news article on COBEE 2022 and Photo slideshow and gallery of COBEE 2022.

A CBC news article featured BIPV/T at Concordia's JMSB building and Varennes library

The BIPV/T installation on the facade of JMSB building of Concordia University and the PV & BIPV/T roof on Varennes library were featured in a CBS News article by Emily Chung on June 2, 2021. To view the original CBC news article "Solar windows, shingles and cladding? The building itself is now the solar panel?", please follow this link

CZEBS invited speaker, Dr. Michele Zinzi, on countering urban overheating with cool materials.

In response to an invitation from CZEBS, Dr. Michele Zinzi presented a webinar entitled "Countering urban overheating with cool materials: solutions and impacts". Dr. Zinzi is a representative of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. Dr. Zinzi presented the development and testing of new coating materials for building envelopes and roofs that reflect infrared energy in solar radiation and reduce urban heat island impacts on buildings and communities. [2023-05-08]

Drs. Luis Candanedo and Liam O'Brien received their first-places Best Paper Awards of Energy and Buildings:

The proceeding for eSIM 2016 Conference is now available online at IBPSA: 

A video for the Solar Decathlon China 2018 is available at:

Recent research

Wind tunnel

The Solar Simulator–Environmental Chamber is the only facility of its kind worldwide.

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