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Discover the Future Buildings Laboratory

A living lab for innovative net-zero energy technologies

Buildings for learning, efficiency, and sustainability

Concordia University’s Future Buildings Laboratory will support research to advance knowledge, best practices, and innovation in sustainable buildings and infrastructure now and for the future.

The facility will expand our capacity to train the next generation of building and electrical engineers in the design and operation of net-zero energy buildings

Professor Hua Ge, Project leader, Future Buildings Laboratory

Purpose-driven and future-looking engineering


Buildings need to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable indoor environment at minimal cost to the environment, while contributing to a society with a high quality of life. This means being durable, energy-efficient and climate-resilient in extreme weather conditions which occur more frequently due to climate change.


The completion of the facility in 2021 on Concordia’s Loyola Campus marked the beginning of many exciting and innovative research projects involving students, industry and the local community that have a transformative impact on buildings of the future.


Slideshow of FBL



Time Lapse Video of FBL Construction

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