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CZEBS members have expertise in the following areas: HVAC Systems, Energy Efficiency, Low Energy Buildings, Building Envelope Performance, Solar Energy, Thermal Storage, Advanced Daylighting, Building File Safety, Wind Engineering, Wind-Building Interaction and Thermal Comfort.

Many of the members listed below have collaborated in the Centre for Building Studies, in the NSERC Solar Buildings Strategic Research Network (SBRN) and its successful successor network – the NSERC Smart Net-zero Energy Buildings Strategic Research Network (SNEBRN).

  • Athienitis, Andreas K
    Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    (Director, Concordia Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (EV 15.101))
    Solar Energy Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy, energy efficiency. Integrated photovoltaics/solar energy utilization systems, Modeling, optimization and control of building thermal systems, Heating ventilation air-conditioning (HVAC), Numerical simulation of heat transfer, Thermal performance of the building envelope,
  • Stathopoulos, Theodore
    Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Wind Engineering, Wind effects on buildings & building aerodynamics, Wind environment, Dispersion of pollutants in the urban environment, Computational wind engineering, Codification of wind effects
  • Zmeureanu, Radu Grigore
    Professor, ing., PhD., Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Energy Efficiency, Design and analysis of energy-efficient buildings, Sustainable development concept applied to buildings, Second law analysis of HVAC systems, Optimization of life cycle performance of buildings and HVAC systems, Computer modelling of energy performance of buildings and HVAC systems, Computer modelling of refrigeration systems for ice rinks, Net zero energy houses,
  • Wang, Liangzhu (Leon)
    Associate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Building Environment, Forecasting/Hybrid building simulations using weather forecasting models, Building airflow and thermal management, Real-time building simulations
  • Ge, Hua
    Associate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    wind-driven rain, hygrothermal performance of building envelopes, advanced building facades, innovative & durable wood-frame construction, low-energy buildings
  • Lee, Bruno
    Assistant Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Building Energy Performance Assessment, Computational Simulation, Integrated Building Design, Energy Efficiency, Robust Performance Systems, Sustainable Design Criteria
  • Candanedo, José Agustín
    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    (Research Scientist, CanmetENERGY-Varennes)
    Predictive control for buildings, development of control-oriented models, modeling complexity in building simulation, control of thermal energy storage, load management in buildings, building-integrated renewables, building-grid interaction

Associate members are researchers with expertise in a related specialized area such as Stochastic Risk Analysis, Energy Modeling & Optimization, Energy Storage, Turbulence, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Vortex Dynamics.

  • Ursula Eicker
    Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Urban energy systems, 3D City modeling, Urban data and simulation platform development, Renewable energies, Zero Carbon Cities, Demand response and flexibility, District and solar heating and cooling networks, sustainable transport
  • Mohamed Ouf
    Assistant Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    • Occupant Behaviour Modelling In Building Simulations • Building Performance Optimization • Occupant-Centric Building Controls • Data-Mining and Machine Learning for Building Operations • Net-Zero Energy Buildings
  • Ashutosh Bagchi
    Professor & Chair, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Structural Engineering, Structural dynamics and earthquake Engineering, Rehabilitation and structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil infrastructure, Reinforced concrete structures, Finite and boundary element methods, Computer aided design and engineering / Information technology
  • Georgios Vatistas
    Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

    Fluid mechanics; vortex dynamics and flow instabilities; experimental aerodynamics; finite difference in fluid dynamics; lubrication; microgravity fluid mechanics; thermodynamics; haemodynamics; numerical methods.
  • Marius Paraschivoiu
    Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
    Vice-Provost, Planning and Student Experience

    Computational fluid dynamics; finite element methods for fluid simulations; aerodynamic simulations; wind energy; acoustic simulations; parallel computing; turbulence modeling.
  • Carmela Cucuzzella
    Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Concordia University Research Chair in Integrated Design, Ecology, And Sustainability (IDEAS) for the Built Environment

    design studies, sustainability studies, architecture studies, built environment, cities, eco-design, eco-architecture, public space design, architecture competitions, teaching buildings, sustainability assessment tools, complex dynamic systems
  • Annamaria Buonomano
    Affiliate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    (Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Unviersity of Naples Federico II, Italy)
    Modeling, simulation and optimization of innovative building-plant systems, advanced building integrated envelope techniques, net zero energy buildings, renewable energies and innovative HVAC systems, including solar heating and cooling systems, photovoltaic solar thermal systems, polygeneration.

Katherine D’Avignon

Affiliate Assistant Professor,  Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor, Département de génie de la construction, École de technologie supérieure


Michael A . Lacasse  

National Research Council Canada, Construction Research Centre, Director (Acting) Building Envelope and Materials

Dr. Michael A. Lacasse is a senior research officer in the Construction Research Center of the National Research Council Canada (NRC-CRC) having over 25 years’ experience as a building engineer. His current role within the NRC-CRC is Director 

Postdoctoral Fellows
Name Supervisor(s)
James Bambara Drs. Athienitis, Eicker
Xuechen Bai Drs. Athienitis, Wang
Ali Saberi Derakhtenjani Drs. Athienitis, Eicker

Name Supervisors
Chang Shu Dr. Wang
Chetan Aggarwal Dr. Ge
Christine-Anahita Bigtashi Dr. Lee
Connor Brackley Dr. Ouf
Danlin Hou Dr. Wang
Dongxue Zhan Drs. Wang, Hassan
Eduardo Stehling Dr. Ge
Efstratios-Dimitrios (Stratos) Rounis Drs. Athienitis, Stathopoulos
Emil Jalilov Dr. Athienitis
Francois Tardy Dr. Lee
Haiyi Yu Dr. Wang
Hamidreza Karimian Dr. Ouf
Harry Charalampos Vallianos Drs. Athienitis, Candanedo
Hatem Alrawashdeh Dr. Stathopoulos
Hongwen Dou Dr. Zmeureanu
Jason Runge Dr. Zmeureanu
Jean-Christophe Pelletier-de-Koninck Dr. Athienitis
Jennifer Date Drs. Athienitis, Candanedo
Ji Hun Park Drs. Ge, Wang
Jianhan Yu Dr. Stathopoulos
Jiwei Zou Dr. Wang
Justin Tamasauskas Dr. Zmeureanu
Kathryn Kaspar Drs. Ouf, Eicker
Lili Ji Dr. Wang
Lin Wang Dr. Ge
Maher Albettar Drs. Wang, Zeng
Mathieu Pellissier Drs. Athienitis, Candanedo
Max Junginger Dr. Ge
Mirata (Ata) Hosseini Dr. Lee
Mohamed Osman Dr. Ouf
Mohamed Osman Dr. Ouf
Mohammad Mortezazadeh Dorostkar Dr. Wang
Murad Aldoum Dr. Stathopoulos
Nima Bonyadi Dr. Lee
Payam Gholamalipour Drs. Ge, Stathopoulos
Sahar Sahyoun Dr. Ge
Samson Yip Drs. Athienitis, Lee
Senwen Yang Drs. Wang, Stathopoulos
Seyednavid Pourmousavian Dr. Lee
Sherif Goubran Drs. Cucuzzella, Lee, Walker
Sormin Drs. Zmeureanu, Athienitis
Tahmineh Sokhansefat Dr. Lee
Yin Li Dr. Lee
Zisis Ioannidis Drs. Athienitis, Stathopoulos

Name Supervisor
Andrea Petrucci Dr. Athienitis
Anna-Maria Sigounis  Dr. Athienitis
Anthony Maturo Dr. Athienitis
Ashleigh Marie Dr. Lee
Aya Doma Dr. Ouf
Bahareh Jahangiri Dr. Lee
Behrad Bezyan Dr. Zmeureanu
Ben Zegen Reich Dr. Ge
Benyamin Salehpour Dr. Ge
Bingyan Jia Drs. Wang, Hassan
Camille John Drs. Athienitis, Candanedo
Chen Ling Dr. Wang
Choi Ho Dr. Ouf
Daniel Baril Drs. Ge, Athienitis
Diana Guerrero Drs. Ge, Lee
Erin Gaucher-Loksts Drs. Athienitis, Ouf
Henry Lu Dr. Ge
Jian Li Dr. Lee
Jing Li Drs. Ge, Zmeureanu
John Hill Dr. Athienitis
Kai Ye Drs. Ge, Athienitis
Kathryn Chung Tze Cheong Drs. Wang, Ge
Majd Moujahed Dr. Wang
Masoud Valinejad Drs. Athienitis, Bagchi
Matin Abtahi Dr. Athienitis
Mu'ath Al-Makhadmeh Dr. Stathopoulos
Nastaran Alishahi Dr. Ouf
Navid Morovat Drs. Athienitis, Candanedo
Pedro Rafael Guaraldi da Silva Dr. Zmeureanu
Sakib Faruk Drs. Stathopoulos, Bhowmick
Shiyuan Wang Dr. Wang
Stéphanie Higgins Dr. Stathopoulos
Zeinab Khorasani Zadeh Dr. Ouf
Zihan Xie Drs. Ge, Zmeureanu
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