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CZEBS members have expertise in the following areas: HVAC Systems, Energy Efficiency, Low Energy Buildings, Building Envelope Performance, Solar Energy, Thermal Storage, Advanced Daylighting, Building File Safety, Wind Engineering, Wind-Building Interaction and Thermal Comfort.

Many of the members listed below have collaborated in the Centre for Building Studies, in the NSERC Solar Buildings Strategic Research Network (SBRN) and its successful successor network – the NSERC Smart Net-zero Energy Buildings Strategic Research Network (SNEBRN).

  • Athienitis, Andreas K
    Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    (Director, Concordia Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (EV 15.101))
    Solar Energy Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy, energy efficiency. Integrated photovoltaics/solar energy utilization systems, Modeling, optimization and control of building thermal systems, Heating ventilation air-conditioning (HVAC), Numerical simulation of heat transfer, Thermal performance of the building envelope,
  • Buonomano, Annamaria
    Affiliate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    (Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Unviersity of Naples Federico II, Italy)
    Modeling, simulation and optimization of innovative building-plant systems, advanced building integrated envelope techniques, net zero energy buildings, renewable energies and innovative HVAC systems, including solar heating and cooling systems, photovoltaic solar thermal systems, polygeneration.
  • Candanedo, José Agustín
    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
    (Research Scientist, CanmetENERGY-Varennes)
    Predictive control for buildings, development of control-oriented models, modeling complexity in building simulation, control of thermal energy storage, load management in buildings, building-integrated renewables, building-grid interaction
  • Ge, Hua
    Associate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    wind-driven rain, hygrothermal performance of building envelopes, advanced building facades, innovative & durable wood-frame construction, low-energy buildings
  • Lee, Bruno
    Assistant Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Building Energy Performance Assessment, Computational Simulation, Integrated Building Design, Energy Efficiency, Robust Performance Systems, Sustainable Design Criteria
  • Stathopoulos, Theodore
    Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Wind Engineering, Wind effects on buildings & building aerodynamics, Wind environment, Dispersion of pollutants in the urban environment, Computational wind engineering, Codification of wind effects
  • Wang, Liangzhu (Leon)
    Associate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Building Environment, Forecasting/Hybrid building simulations using weather forecasting models, Building airflow and thermal management, Real-time building simulations
  • Zmeureanu, Radu Grigore
    Professor, ing, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

    Energy Efficiency, Design and analysis of energy-efficient buildings, Sustainable development concept applied to buildings, Second law analysis of HVAC systems, Optimization of life cycle performance of buildings and HVAC systems, Computer modelling of energy performance of buildings and HVAC systems, Computer modelling of refrigeration systems for ice rinks, Net zero energy houses,

Associate members are researchers with expertise in a related specialized area such as Stochastic Risk Analysis, Energy Modeling & Optimization, Energy Storage, Turbulence, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Vortex Dynamics.

  • Marius Paraschivoiu
    Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
    Vice-Provost, Planning and Student Experience

    Computational fluid dynamics; finite element methods for fluid simulations; aerodynamic simulations; wind energy; acoustic simulations; parallel computing; turbulence modeling.
  • Georgios Vatistas
    Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

    Fluid mechanics; vortex dynamics and flow instabilities; experimental aerodynamics; finite difference in fluid dynamics; lubrication; microgravity fluid mechanics; thermodynamics; haemodynamics; numerical methods.
Name Supervisor
Afrooz Ravanfar Dr. Ge
Ahmad Rami Kayello Drs. Ge, Athienitis
Ali Katal Dr. Wang
Ali Saberia Dr. Athienitis
Anthony Rey Dr. Zmeureanu
Edvinas Bigaila Dr. Athienitis
Efstratios-Dimitrios (Stratos) Rounis Drs. Stathopoulos, Athienitis
Hatem Alrawashdeh Dr. Stathopoulos
James Bambara Dr. Athienitis
Jason Runge Dr. Zmeureanu
Jeremy Zhao Dr. Wang
Justin Tamasauskas Dr. Zmeureanu
Lin Wang Dr. Ge
Mirata (Ata) Hosseini Dr. Lee
Mohammad Mortezazadeh Dorostkar Dr. Wang
Nunzio Cotrufo Dr. Zmeureanu
Samson Yip Dr. Athienitis
Sherif Goubran Dr. Lee
Sormin Soltana Drs. Athienitis, Zmeureanu
Vasken Dermardiros Dr. Athienitis
Zissis Ioannidis Drs. Stathopoulos, Athienitis

Name Supervisor
Ali Khalilzadeh Dr. Ge
Behrad Bezian Dr. Zmeureanu
Cheng Zhang Dr. Wang
Fangwei (Vera) Pu Dr. Lee
Firouzeh Souri Dr. Ge
Harry Charalampos Vallianos Dr. Athienitis
Jennifer Date Dr. Athienitis
Jiaqing He Dr. Wang and Ng
Jun Cheng Dr. Wang and Stathopoulos
Li Ma Dr. Ge
Malek Soubra Dr. Wang
Mohammad Ghasempourabadi Dr. Ge
Murad Aldoum Dr. Stathopoulos
Olesia Kruglov   Drs. Athienitis, Ge
Ra'na Habibi Dr. Lee
Remi Dumoulin Dr. Athienitis
Ruolin Wang Dr. Ge
Samuel Doyon Bissonnette Drs. Athienitis, Ge
Senwen Yang Dr. Wang and Stathopoulos
Seyednavid (Navid) Pourmousavian Dr. Lee
Shawn Si Tu Dr. Wang
Weigang Li Dr. Wang
Xin Zhang Dr. Wang
Zhujun (Flora) Lan Dr. Lee
Aierken Dilimulati   Drs. Paraschivoiu, Stathopoulos  
Thai Son Nguyen Drs. Stathopoulos, Tirca
Research Associate and Postdoctoral Fellows
Name Supervisor
Katherine D'Avignon Dr. Athienitis
Dahai Qi Drs. Wang, Zmeureanu
Konstantinos Kapsis Dr. Athienitis
Mathieu Le Cam Drs. Zmeureanu, Athienitis
Wael Fairouz Dr. Wang
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