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Research Chairs

CZEBS Researchers hold the following Research Chairs:

Dr. Andreas Athienitis - NSERC/Hydro-Québec Industrial Research Chair in Optimized Operation and Energy Efficiency

This is the second term of the IRC program. It builds on the work performed in the first term, such as development of reduced models for optimizing building operation, model predictive control methodologies and major continuing case studies such as the EV building of Concordia and Varennes Library – Canada’s first institutional solar net-zero energy building, that integrates advanced solar technology (with the advice and guidance of our team). In addition, average representative buildings such as the low cost bank building are considered. 

IRC 2 Website:

The first term of this chair focused primarily on existing commercial and institutional buildings. Predictive control methodologies and strategies have been developed to reduce peak demand for electricity in conjunction with building-integrated and isolated thermal storage measures while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

View the NSERC/Hydro-Québec Industrial Research Chair web page

Dr. Andreas Athienitis - Tier 1 Concordia University Research Chair: Integration of Solar Energy Systems into Buildings


Dr. Hua Ge – Tier 2, Concordia University Research Chair in High Performance Building Envelope for Climate Resilient Buildings

This research program focuses on investigating the impact of climate change, both long-term and under extreme events, on building performance i.e. energy efficiency, indoor thermal conditions, and durability of building envelope; the role of building envelope in mitigating potential risks due to climate change and developing innovative solutions to improve buildings’ resiliency and adaptive capability to future climates. This research program will contribute to improving building performance and the well-being, health and productivity of occupants; and extending the service life of building envelope, thus to the sustainable development and economic growth of Canada. 

Read the Concordia news article and visit this webpage about the new CFI Infrastructure-“Concordia Field Research Facility for Buildings of Future”. 

Dr. Ursula Eicker - Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities 

The aim of the CERC Next Generation Cities’ team of energy planners, designers, philosophers, biologists and building engineers is to develop integrated strategies for efficient, de-carbonized, creative, accessible and green neighborhoods; by combining innovative technologies and nature based solutions with artistic expressions to build next-generation cities. 

Visit the Next-Generation Cities website and read this Concordia news article about CERC.

Dr. Liangzhu (Leon) Wang - New Scholar Research Chair: Building Fire Safety, Smoke, Airflow and Thermal Management


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