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Congratulations to Drs. Luis Candanedo (PhD 2010 BCEE/Concordia) and Liam O'Brien (PhD 2011 BCEE/Concordia) on their first place Best Paper Awards of Energy and Buildings published in the period from 2008 to 2017.

First place of the Best Research Papers of Energy and Buildings for 2008-2017: Candanedo, LM.; Feldheim, V. Accurate occupancy detection of an office room from light, temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements using statistical learning models. Energy and Buildings, Vol. 112, Pages 28-39, 2016.

First place of the Best Review Papers of Energy and Buildings for 2008-2017: Yan, D; O'Brien, W; Hong, T; Feng, X; Gunay, HB; Tahmasebi, F; Mahdavi, A. Occupant behavior modeling for building performance simulation: Current state and future challenges. Energy and Buildings, Vol. 107, Pages 264-278, 2015.

The awards were announced at the Elsevier website, entitled "Best Paper Awards of Energy and Buildings published in the period from 1998 to 2017".


Access below some of our research publications, including journal papers, conference papers, theses, and public reports.

Research Project Reports

Public Final Report for ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative (ecoEII), Research and Development Component

Project EEBE-024 Intelligent Net-Zero Energy Buildings, Public Final Report

Rapport public définitif pur Initiative écoÉNERGIE sur l’innovation, Composante de recherche et de développement

Projet EEBE-024 : Bâtiments intelligents à consommation énergétique nette nulle


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Research and Development Component
Public Final Report
Project: EEBE-024 Intelligent Net-Zero Energy Buildings

Refereed Journal Publications

Refereed Conference Publications

Master and PhD theses are listed below for students within CZEBS.

Based on theses updated to Spectrum. We encourage students to upload electronic copies of theses to Spectrum, to prompt your work and CZEBS achievements.






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