Minor in Human Rights Studies

Human rights studies encompasses the eternal drive to improve the human condition, and attendant debates over the primacy of the individual within society and the universal versus relativist approach to rights, positive and negative freedoms. The Minor in Human Rights draws its curriculum from a variety of disciplines.

Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements. The superscript indicates credit value.

24 Minor in Human Rights Studies
6 PHIL 2413; POLI 2143

Chosen from ANTH 3803, ENGL 3693, ENGL 3803, ENGL 3823, ENGL 3833, ENGL 3873, FPST 3213, GEOG 4073, HIST 3153, HIST 3593, HIST 3603, HIST 4773, JOUR 4423, LOYC 2403, PHIL 2323, PHIL 3423, PHIL 3433, PHIL 3453, POLI 2083, POLI 3013, POLI 3243, POLI 3283, POLI 3883, POLI 3893, POLI 4073, RELI 3103, RELI 3123, SOCI 3673, SOCI 3803, THEO 3433, WSDB 3813, WSDB 3853, WSBD 3863, WSDB 3903.

NOTE: the following courses are cross-listed:
HIST 360 and SOCI 367, LOYC 240 and POLI 208, POLI 389 and THEO 343, ANTH 380 and SOCI 380

Note: Students interested in registering for this program should contact the Department of Political Science.

Core Course Descriptions (6 credits needed)

Program Elective Course Descriptions (18 credits needed)

History N.B. numbers (1) and (2) prerequisites

(1) 300-level courses are generally open only to students who have successfully completed 24 credits. Students who do not have this prerequisite may register with the permission of the Department.

(2) 400-level courses are generally open to Honours and Specialization students, or students of high academic standing with the permission of the Department.

Sociology and Anthropology N.B. numbers (1) and (3) prerequisites

(1) 300-level courses are open to students who have successfully completed SOCI 203 or equivalent, plus at least three credits of 200-level Sociology courses. Students in related disciplines who wish to take cognate courses in Sociology may apply to the Sociology undergraduate advisor for waiver of prerequisites on the basis of equivalent background.

(3) Entry requirements for Sociology/Anthropology cross-listed courses depend on the discipline through which the course is entered. Once students have taken a cross-listed course under one disciplinary designation they may not take the course under the corresponding designation in the other discipline for credit.

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