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Concordia University is effectively a NO DRONE ZONE. Recreational drone activities are prohibited at both campuses. Non-recreational drone flights may be permitted under certain circumstances.

The university recognizes that flying UAV may be required in research or teaching, by UAVConcordia, ConcordiaSAE or other student organizations, for media and communications use, or for inspection work related to facilities. Even external contractors may be asked to perform work where UAV use may be required. Prior to flight, the individual or organisation responsible for the UAV must obtain permission to fly from Concordia University. In addition, every UAV at the university must be registered with EHS.

Indoor flight operations at the University are handled differently. The UAV decision tree will help identify what is required to fly UAV at Concordia.




 UAV Registration

 UAV Registration

 Permission to Fly

 *Permission to Fly

 Site Security Plan

 *Site Security Plan

 Liability Insurance min. $100,000

 *Liability Insurance min. $100,000

 SFOC from Transport Canada

 Internal UAV Permit 

*Please note: These items may not be required depending on the type of UAV flight operations or the type of space being used for the flight operations.


EHS-DOC-158 UAV Guidelines

EHS-DOC-151 UAV Decision Tree

EHS-FORM 114 UAV Registration Form

EHS-FORM-115 Internal UAV Permit Application

EHS-FORM-116 UAV Request for Permission to Fly

Questions or inquiries should be directed to Environmental Health and Safety at ext. 4877 or to

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