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Fitness & relaxation

Looking forward to becoming active, staying fit? Perhaps just taking some personal time to relax and re-focus? Then our fitness and relaxation offerings may be just what you are seeking.


Classes offered


Core-Fusion incorporates and focuses upon three disciplines: Functional Movement, Core Activation and Yoga instructional techniques to isolate and improve your core, legs and balance ability. Participants will be challenged using various techniques and apparatus including: Stability Balls, Weights and Glide Discs. Running shoes are recommended for this class. All levels are welcome!



Pilates is an exercise program that focuses on the core postural muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine. A CanSTAT Certified Alexander teacher, Ms. Malec incorporates some of the principles of the Alexander Technique into the class.  Using slow, controlled movements, Pilates focuses on core muscles to improve posture, and maintain optimal fitness. It is an effective way to tone muscles and increase strength and flexibility.


Builds on the fundamentals of basic Pilates; a challenging workout designed to build core strength, increase stamina and flexibility. Participants should be familiar with beginner levels Pilates and the classical mat exercises performed.  The class will incorporate complex and challenging variations of classical moves as well as introduce new exercises to expand your practice of Pilates.

Power Pilates

This Mat Pilates workout focuses on building core strength, improving posture, and increasing stamina and flexibility. As a Body Harmonics certified Mat Pilates instructor and a trained dancer, Alida will introduce classical pilates exercises as well as adding complex variations for an extra challenge. Learn how to incorporate efficient breathing techniques and develop longer and leaner muscles. This workout is great for gaining a deeper understanding of your body and can provide an excellent compliment to other types of training. You will leave feeling taller and stronger! 


The course fuses the techniques of contemporary dance, yoga, chakras (centres of energy) and images.  A typical class emphasizes movement, based on respiration and body posture with accompanying music. Through fluid sequences of poses and postural movements, body toning and relaxation are highlighted; as well as body awareness in search of balance of interior and exterior space.

Yoga Dance (Power Yoga)

This unique class is a continuum flow of poses and postures based on a fusion of yoga/dance/Pilates.  This approach will give you better balance, strength, flexibility, correct posture in total body awareness. 

Yoga Workshop

This yoga class is suitable for all levels. Be prepared to sweat. With a focus on alignment, and improving both strength and flexibility, you will finish this course with an ability to modify any class to your specific needs, history and injuries.

Gentle Yoga

Gentler Yoga is a well-balanced, ancient and powerful style. This class helps to reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve strength. Gentle Yoga is based on a therapeutic approach and avoids extreme elements. It includes asana practice, dynamic exercise and a good introduction to relaxation and meditation techniques. Excellent for all levels and ages.

Classical Yoga and Nidra

During the class, you will explore long-held traditional yoga asanas. The goal of the class is to reduce tension, and to improve joint mobility. The class will move from noise to silence to better harmonize body and mind. The class ends with a guided relaxation technique called Nidra. You will feel restored and refreshed afterwards.

Kripalu Yoga

Learn the fundamentals of yoga.  This class is for beginners as well as seasoned yogi.  Stretch, strengthen while learning breathing  and relaxation techniques.

Vinyasa Yoga

Sweat. Discover. Transform. You will build up a natural SWEAT in this 60-minutes power vinyasa class. DISCOVER new strength, flexibility and mental clarity. TRANSFORM your limiting thoughts into new possibilities that will awaken your spirit and leave you rinsed and renewed. All classes are inspired by the Journey Into Power sequence from Baptiste yoga. New and experienced yogis welcome.

40+ Fitness (LOY)

40+ Fitness is a special program designed for individuals who are close to or over 40 years of age.


  • Addresses fitness needs of more mature individuals
  • Simple, manageable 40-minute workouts
  • Small group setting


  • Improved neuromuscular coordination
  • Increased bone strength to combat osteoporosis
  • More calories burned than cardio alone
  • Metabolism boosted
  • Improved joint stability, flexibility and balance

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