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Teaching English as a Second Language

Certificate (Cert)
30 credits

Program overview

This 30-credit undergraduate program is offered to expert speakers of English who have a completed undergraduate degree and an interest in teaching ESL. The program does not lead to provincial certification but it provides an excellent training in TESL. The certificate can be completed within one academic year of full-time study, starting in the fall term. All courses are offered in the evenings so students may pursue their studies on a part-time basis while working during the day.


Program Overview
Program Overview

The TESL Certificate is designed primarily for those who wish to teach overseas or in private language schools. It is also appropriate for certified teachers who would like to know more about the teaching of English as a second language and perhaps teach ESL in addition to another subject such as history or math. It consists of 10 core courses from the B.Ed program.


The program consists of 10 core courses; 2 courses in English Composition taken in the English department, TESL courses which form the core of the B.Ed. program are: TESL 231-Modern English Grammar, TESL 331-Grammar for Teachers, TESL 221-Phonology for Teachers, TESL 341-Language Acquisition, and TESL 415 Testing, Evaluation and Course Design), TESL 324 and 424- two methodology courses which focus on the teaching of adults, and TESL 433- a practicum course which is conducted with adult learners.

Students must have a first university degree, have a good academic record.

Must have passed the English composition placement test with a satisfactory grade.

Additional Requirements:
  • Program-specific application
  • 45 minute English Composition Placement Test (ECPT)
  • Reference/Assessment forms

  1. Apply for Admissions online. You can also submit your application by logging in to the Student Hub and going to My CU Account.
    • External applicants: Fill out the Undergraduate Application online. There is a $100 fee. Then continue with the steps below.
    • Internal applicants: Read and follow the instructions for a degree transfer. There is a $46 fee. Then continue with the steps below.
  2. English Composition Placement Test
    • All candidates need to take an English Composition Placement Test. This test does not replace the language proficiency requirements for admission to the university. The results will be used for assessing the candidate and the possible imposition of specified make-up courses upon admission.
    • This test is free and is offered online.
    • Candidates can take the test after the March 1st deadline; however, it is strongly advised to take the test as early as possible as this will delay a decision to be made on your application.
  3. Fill out the Additional Information application form / Renseignements Complémentaires and upload this document online using the document type ‘Teaching English as a Second Language Application’. You can also upload your documents by logging in to the Student Hub and going to My CU Account.
  4. Obtain 2 referees (1 academic, 1 work-related) send their letter of recommendation and reference form.

    *Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your referees to send their letter of recommendation and reference form.

Additional Information for Applicants

  • Student ID #
  • If you were a student at Concordia, you will have a Student ID number.
  • If you haven't submitted or finalized the application, please indicate the application number on the Reference Form instead
  • For new students, the Concordia Student ID is ONLY generated when an admission application is "submitted and finalized". After finalizing the application the Student ID number will be on the email the University sends to you.

We give priority to applicants who apply by official deadlines. Late applications will be considered if places are still available for the fall term only.

Fall term deadline  
All applicants, including
international students
March 1
Winter term deadline
Canadian citizen or permanent resident n/a
International students n/a
Not all programs are available for this term. Please check program availability.  

Graduates are prepared to take on challenging positions as teachers, researchers and administrators in the public and private sector.

The Department has several specialized facilities that support student engagement in the practical application of their studies. The Sage language lab supports the development of skills required for the program in the Teaching of English as a Second Language.

Computers are integrated into all aspects of student life at the graduate and undergraduate levels and every seminar room is designed to support computer use by faculty members and students alike.

Students also benefit from the resources and support of the TESL Student Association.

Learn more about student resources & facilities.

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