Minor in Law and Society

Law affects all aspects of our lives. It structures our social, economic and political relationships, it allocates property, it defines crime and deviance, and it frames controversial ethical, moral and political debates. As the influence of legal institutions in society grows, an informed understanding of how law works and how it affects social relations becomes increasingly important. Students interested in this program must already been enrolled at Concordia in order to apply to add this minor. Visit the Department of History's Law and Society program page for details on how to add this minor to your current program.

Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements. The superscript indicates credit value.

24 Minor in Law and Society
6 Chosen from ANTH 2023, HIST 2053, POLI 2043, SOCI 2613
15 Chosen from ANTH 3803, 3633; FPST 3013, 3213; HIST 3093, 3153, 3163 ; PHIL 3433, 3453; POLI 3113, 3203, 3263, 3506, 3883, 398O3; PSYC 2423; RELI 3123; SOCI 2623, 2633, 3623; of which no more than 3 credits may be at the 200-level; of which no more than 12 credits may be from one department.

Note: Students interested in registering for this program should contact the Department of History.


1. Introduction (3 credits)

All students must take the following course, preferably in the first year of the program.


2. Analytical Tools and Contexts (6 credits)

Students must take TWO of the following courses, selecting one course from each of two of the following units. Students whose major program is in one of the following units must draw from the other units. Another relevant 200-level course in these or another unit may be substituted with permission of the program advisor.



Political Science



3. Approved Courses (15 credits)

Students must take FIVE of the following courses, no more than 3 credits of which may be at the 200-level. Another relevant course (at the 300- or 400-level) may be substituted with permission of the program advisor.



History prerequisite N.B. number (1)

(1) 300-level courses are generally open only to students who have successfully completed 24 credits. Students who do not have this prerequisite may register with the permission of the Department.

Sociology and Anthropology N.B. numbers (1) and (3) prerequisites

(1) 300-level courses are open to students who have successfully completed SOCI 203 or equivalent, plus at least three credits of 200-level Sociology courses. Students in related disciplines who wish to take cognate courses in Sociology may apply to the Sociology undergraduate advisor for waiver of prerequisites on the basis of equivalent background.

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