Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the senior governing body of the University and is responsible for establishing the legal and administrative framework for the University. It has superintending and reforming power over all decisions affecting activities held at the University or connected with the University. It is composed of 25 voting members and one non-voting observer, the breakdown of which is outlined in article 25 of the By-Laws. Its general powers are set out in the University Charter while its specific functions and powers are listed under article 41 of the By-Laws.


Chair of the Board, Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor

Meetings, minutes, and standing committees

Governor's Handbook

The Governor's Handbook is designed as a tool for members of the Board of Governors.  It regroups useful information in understanding their duties as Governors and in fulfilling their mandate. The Handbook is updated as required.

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides members of the Concordia community with information respecting the Board of Governors' role and operations for a given year.

Honorary Degrees

Concordia University awards honorary degrees at Convocation to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to society or have achieved extraordinary distinction in their fields or careers.


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