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Santhanam Affair

From the summer of 1969 to the spring of 1970 Loyola College students and faculty mounted a campaign of petitions, gatherings, sit- ins, and occupations to demonstrate the manner in which the university administration was handling an appeal from Loyola professor, Dr. S. Santhanam.

In the summer of 1969, Dr. Santhanam had appealed to the University Senate to reverse the non-renewal of his teaching contract--an appeal which the Senate was ready to discuss. The University trustees, however, vetoed the decision to reconsider the case. In July 1969, 50 people occupied the auditorium overnight to protest this decision. In early 1970, students organized a sit-in outside President Malone's office which eventually escalated into a five day quasi-occupation of the Administration Building. The Montreal riot squad was called in and 150 officers evicted over 500 people from the building. Loyola's Jesuit trustees decided to close Loyola for a week.

In April 1970 the case was finally settled when Loyola gave Dr. Santhanam a full year's salary, letters of recommendation and reimbursement of legal fees.

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