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Frequently asked questions

Private papers are those created, held, and maintained by an individual or organization.

Yes. Documentation of personal lives is essential to a fulsome understanding of individuals that can be gained through research materials.

Yes. Only documents owned solely and rightfully by an individual may be donated by that individual.

No. Records Management and Archives does not purchase documents.

Yes. A tax receipt can be issued for private/personal documents only. Note that RMA will arrange for materials to be evaluated at the expense of the donor.

Yes. RMA acquires documents in several digital formats. Please see the RMA Digital Preservation page for more information. 

Yes. Our staff is happy to make arrangements for donations to be picked up.

Yes. RMA is able to make arrangements to accept donations that must be removed from an office or home prior to the official signing over of the materials.

No. Potential donations must be discussed and arranged with Marie-Pierre Aubé, RMA Director and University Archivist. Details related to what, when, and how to donate records must be reviewed, as well as information that will assist RMA in understanding the context of the creation and purpose of the content of the donation.

Yes. Time limits may be specified within the Donation Agreement.

Yes, Future donations may be specified in the Donation Agreement.

Yes. Legally willed donations may be made. Please contact Marie-Pierre Aubé, RMA Director and University Archivist, to discuss a legal will donation. 

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