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Donating Archives

Records Management and Archives is responsible for acquiring university-related archives produced by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and independent organizations associated wtth the University, as well as all archives documenting the history of Concordia and its two founding institutions: Loyola College and Sir George Williams University.

Generous contributions from internal and external donors assist in building RMA holdings and documenting the history of Concordia University and its two founding institutions. RMA is also interested in documents related to donors' fields of expertise, research, and contributions to the University and to the community.

RMA accepts several types of materials, including but not limited to: textual, photographic, audiovisual, and cartographic documents in analog or digital forms, objects, and publications.

Please contact us to discuss or arrange for a donation by emailing Nathalie Hodgson, Lead, Historical Archives or calling 514-848-2424 ext. 5851.


What we acquire

RMA is interested in biographical information of faculty members, staff members, alumni, and friends of Concordia, as well as any other individuals with links to the University. Below is a non-exhaustive list of documents collected by RMA:

Faculty and Staff:

  • Biographical information: CVs, journals, diaries, recorded accomplishments, awards, etc. 
  • Significant correspondence and other documents related to community services, as well as documents related to participationg in significant events.


  • All of the above, plus teaching materials: lecture notes, examination questions, paper instructions, significant correspondence, course outlines, etc. 
  • Research infomation: correspondence, research data, grant proposals, conference speeches, etc.


  • Documents that provide information on an academic path, significant papers, documents showing participation in University or independent organizations, associations, clubs, etc..


  • Any records of organizations, associations, clubs, student publications, etc. with close links to Concordia.
  • Administrative files, documents that illustrate an origanization's history, services and activities.


Please email Nathalie Hodgson, Lead, Historical Archives, with any questions related to what is eligible for donation. Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 5851

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