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Naming Concordia - Concordia Salus

Like naming a new-born baby, naming a new university is very important and sometimes difficult!

By 1973, the merger of Sir George Williams University and Loyola College was an accepted fact. It was inevitable that the Joint Committee formed of Loyola and Sir George representatives would have to come up with a suitable name. After reviewing a multitude of submissions by members of both the Loyola and the Sir George communities, the name "Concordia" was recommended to the Board of Trustees of Loyola and the Board of Governors of Sir George Williams University.

The name was taken from the latin saying, "Concordia salus," meaning "le salut par la concorde" or, in English, "well-being through harmony." Not only was "Concordia salus" Montreal's motto, the very name "Concordia" had been used previously as a synonym for the city.

Some parts of the community complained that the name was almost identical to Concordia Estates Ltd., a demolition company that was pulling down old houses in the Milton Park area.

Despite these protests, on August 24, 1974 the new University came into official being with the name Université Concordia or Concordia University, in English.

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