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Memorial in Hall Building Lobby

Four Concordia University faculty members died as a result of shootings by another faculty member on August 24, 1992:

  • Matthew McCartney Douglass, Civil Engineering Professor
  • Michael Gorden Hogben, Chemistry Professor and President of the Concordia University Faculty Association
  • Aaron Jaan Saber, Mechanical Engineering Professor
  • Phoivos Ziogas, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair

A permanent memorial commemorating the four professors has been erected in the lobby of the Hall Building where the shootings took place. The families of the professors were consulted in the selection process. They each suggested texts that have been inscribed, along with the names of the professors, on the tables that are part of the memorial. The memorial was selected from among twenty projects submitted by the community.

The memorial plaque reads:

This area is dedicated to the memory of professors Michael Hogben, Aaron Jaan Saber, Phoivos Ziogas and Matthew Douglass, whose lives were taken by the violent events which took place in this building on August 24, 1992.
The memorial was designed by Eduardo Aquino, Johanne Sloan and Kathryn Walter, with the collaboration of the Hogben, Douglass, Saber and Ziogas families.
Hall dédié à la mémoire des professeurs défunts Michael Hogben, Aaron Jaan Saber, Phoivos Ziogas et Matthew Douglass, arrachés à la vie lors de l'évènement tragique survenu dans ce pavillon le 24 août 1992.
Mémorial conçu par Eduardo Aquino, Johanne Sloan et Kathryn Walter, avec la collaboration des familles Hogben, Douglass, Saber et Ziogas.
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