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In 1916, Loyola College Welcomed Students to its New West-End Campus

Loyola review 1920-1

Construction of the west-end campus of Loyola on the old Decary farm began in 1913. The first students moved there in 1915 even before the buildings were completed, although it was 1916 before the move was complete.

The Construction

Loyolafarm “Map to Illustrate Loyola Farm as Purchased in 1900 from Gabriel Decary,” by T. P. Slattery, used in his book Loyola and Montreal, Montreal: Palm Publishers, 1962.
Architect1913 Architect's original conception of the Loyola Campus. Design by Architects Peden & McLaren, 1913.
I147-02-87-72_1 Refectory, Cloisters and Junior block under construction, 1915.

The Original Buildings

I002-02-3712 Left to right, the Junior/High School Building (now the Psychology Building), the Refectory Building, and the Administration Building (only two storeys high), ca 1916.
Loyola Review 1916 Loyola College Review, 1916.

The Administration Building

The Administration Building was only two storeys high until 1927, when it was finally completed.

Loyola review 1921-1 Loyola College Review, 1921
Loyola review 1927-1 Loyola College Review, 1927

The Garden Party of 1916

1916_Garden Party Invitation
P013-02-28 The Refectory building decorated for the Garden Party Day.

The Postcards

Around 1930, the College published two sets of postcards. Although they are not entirely different, here are both sets in their enterity.

Set 1-1-cover
Set 1-2-admin bldg
Set 1-4-cloisters
Set 1-6-dining room
Set 1-8-lecture room
Set 1-10-chapel interior
Set 1-12-entrance chapel
Set 1-3-staircase
Set 1-5-reception room
Set 1-7-junior refectory
Set 1-9-dormitory
Set 1-11-auditorium
Set 1-13-chapel
Set 2-1-cover
Set 2-2-admin bldg
Set 2-4-cloisters
Set 2-6-group bldgs
Set 2-8-corridor parlour
Set 2-10-lecture room
Set 2-3-view bldgs
Set 2-5-reception-room
Set 2-7-dining room
Set 2-9-junior refectory
Set 2-11-plan


Loyola review 1922-1 Loyola College Review, 1922
Loyola review 1922-3 Loyola College Review, 1922
Loyola review 1923-2 Loyola College Review, 1923
Loyola review 1928-2 Loyola College Review, 1928
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