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Installation Ceremonies at Concordia University

Universities and university ceremonies are steeped in medieval traditions and pageantry. These traditions have evolved and have been adapted so they embrace not only the continuity and history of institutions of higher learning but they also signify the place of universities as distinct modern institutions
within the larger community.

Each institution has its own traditions and history but there are some elements that are common to many universities:

Official university occasions such as convocations include processions of academic dignitaries in university academic dress. This academic dress has its roots in medieval tradition - including cap, gown, and an academic hood identified with individual institutions.

University officers often take an oath of office upon their official installation.

A chain of office is passed on from one President or Chancellor to the next, to mark the change in the authority and leadership of the university and to emphasize the continuity of the institution and its history.

The coat of arms, including medieval heraldic symbolism, and the official university charter play an important role at ceremonial occasions to mark the authority and history of the university as a degree-granting institution.

The official university seal figures in many ceremonial occasions.

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