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Concordia University chronology – 1940s


Students from SGW, Loyola, and other institutions head to Saskatchewan for 2 weeks in October to help with the wheat harvest, because of wartime personnel shortages and bad weather. Makeup classes and special arrangements are organized for participating students.


Careers Library and Reading Room established at SGW with the assistance of the Kiwanis Club of Montreal


Loyola teams win Inter-University Debating League Trophy in March


First SGW Carnival is held in Shawbridge, organized initially by the Ski Club on February 3-4. Students leave the city, for a week-end of skiing, skating, social events, and an open-air church service. Later carnivals include variety shows, and torch-light parades.


From the fall of 1939 until 1945-46, SGWC provided free tuition to 1527 members of the Canadian Armed Forces. In 1943-44, out of a total enrollment of 3898, there were 396 such students, representing more than $20,000 in tuition remission.


Loyola Mother's Guild founded

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