Charter Day at SGW


In 1948, Sir George Williams College officially obtained its university charter although it had been granting degrees since 1936/37. Of course, a celebration took place. In the excerpt presented here, you can hear J.W. Beaton, who was, at the time, the General Secretary of the YMCA of Montreal, tell the story of how the evening course program came into existence. This program eventually became Sir George Williams College in 1926. In 1959, the College requested that the Provincial Legislature amend its University Charter, changing its name to Sir George Williams University.

On August 10, 1973 the Corporation of Sir George Williams University adopted Special By Law "C" which enacted a change of name to Concordia University - Université Concordia. It is interesting to note that the charter conferred in 1948 is the same charter under which the Concordia University degrees are conferred today.

I006-11-177. - Celebration of the Sir George Williams College Charter. - Audio-Visual Department fonds


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