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Controlled Goods Program


Concordia University is registered with the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), which is a Federal Government Program administered by the Department of Public Services and Procurement Canada and legislated by the Defence Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulations. This program regulates and controls the examination, possession, and transfer in Canada of Controlled Goods and/or Controlled Technology. These are defined as belonging to Group 2 (munitions designed or modified for military use), Group 5 (item 5504: global navigation, ground control stations, nuclear weapon design and testing) and Group 6 (missile technology) of the Export Control List.

Researchers whose projects involve Controlled Goods or Technology must obtain security clearance and training for every individual involved from Concordia University’s Designated Official (DO). Canadian citizens or permanent residents normally resident in Canada will have security assessments completed by the DO after submitting a signed consent form and Application for Security Assessment. Those who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents ordinarily resident in Canada receiving a salary from Concordia University (temporary workers) or not receiving remuneration from the University (visitors) will have a security assessment application submitted on their behalf by the DO, followed by an assessment undertaken by the CGP.

Please note that depending on citizenship and country of origin, security assessments may take considerable time or may not be possible.

Permission to possess or access specific Controlled Goods or technology in identified locations will only be granted following security clearance and approval by the DO of a security plan which will ensure that unauthorized individuals do not have access to these goods.

For further information, applications, and consent forms, please contact the Designated Officials:

Gurnam Manku (Primary)

Pietro Gasparrini (Secondary)


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