Education (Minor)

Education (Minor)

The Minor in Education is a 24 credit undergraduate program, designed to provide formal instruction for individuals interested in exploring the broad field of education. This Minor can be usefully combined with a wide range of other disciplines such psychology, sociology, history, and business studies. Courses in the Minor include both basic and applied aspects of the field, including educational psychology, child development, education in western civilization, technology for educational change, computers and computing in education, the urban child, and sex role socialization in the school.

Why study Education?

A Minor in Education gives you a basic introduction to the philosophical foundations and key concepts of education such as educational psychology, child development and technology for change. It is designed to complement studies in other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, history and business.

Program Details

  • Minor in Education (24 credits)

The minor must be combined with an honours, specialization or major program.

See full degree requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar.

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