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Student life and academics




Human resources and employee and labour relations

  • Policy on Senior Administrative Appointments (BD-5)
  • Omnibus Policy on the Remuneration of Senior Administrative Personnel (BD-11)
  • Policy on the Employment and Remuneration of Senior Administrators, Deputy Provosts, Vice-Provosts and Associate Vice-Presidents (BD-8)
  • Policy on the Employment and Remuneration of the Academic Deans and the University Librarian (BD-17)
  • Policy Relating to the Administrative and Support Staff Electoral College (BD-12)
  • Workers' Compensation (CSST) Reporting, Return to Work and Temporary Work (VPS-43)
  • Introduction and Definitions (HR-1)
  • Staffing-Permanent Positions (HR-2)
  • Staffing-Temporary Positions (HR-3)
  • Employment Security Procedure (HR-4)
  • Employment of Research Personnel Hired by Grant Recipients (HR-5)
  • Employee Orientation and Integration (HR-6)
  • Probation and Trial Periods (HR-7)
  • Employment Equity (HR-8)
  • Promotions and Transfers (HR-9)
  • Temporary Assignments (HR-10)
  • Termination of Employment (HR-11)
  • Paid Holidays (HR-12)
  • Social Leave (HR-13)
  • Vacation Leave (HR-14)
  • Leave Without Pay (HR-15)
  • Study Leave (HR-16)
  • Time Off on Election Days (HR-17)
  • Emergency Leave (HR-18)
  • Tuition Benefits (HR-19)
  • Deferred Salary Leave Plan (HR-20)
  • Disability Leave-Short Term (HR-21)
  • Disability Leave-Long Term (HR-22)
  • Maternity and Parental Leave (HR-23)
  • Employee Assistance Program (HR-24)
  • Summer Hours (HR-25)
  • Training and Development (HR-26)
  • Compensation (HR-28)
  • Overtime (HR-29)
  • Seizure of Salary (HR-30)
  • Compensation of Casual Employees in Case of Fortuitous Event (HR-31)
  • Attendance (HR-32)
  • Rest and Meal Periods (HR-33)
  • Employee Files (HR-34)
  • Employee References (HR-35)
  • Confidential Information (HR-36)
  • Payroll Policy (HR-37)
  • Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Psychological Harassment (HR-38)
  • Policy on Employment and Remuneration of Managerial and Other Employees not Governed by a Collective or Other Agreement (HR-39)
  • Policy on Employment and Remuneration of Academic Administrators (HR-40)


Governance and finance




Privacy, use of name, and intellectual property




Environmental health and safety



  • Policy concerning Gift Acceptance & Receipting (VPA-1)
  • Policy concerning the Management, Access, and Use of Institutional Advancement Data (VPA-2)
  • Policy on the Naming of University Spaces, Buildings, and Other Assets, Programs or Activities (VPA-3)
  • Policy on Gift Stewardship (VPA-4)
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