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Roger Côté

Vice-President of Services

"My team and I are proud to serve the Concordia community and look forward to supporting the needs of the university community and to contributing to the attainment of the university’s strategic priorities."

Marc Denoncourt

Associate Vice-President of Instructional and Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

"Almost everything in today’s world is done electronically, from teaching to communication. At IITS, we provide IT services that are essential to a functioning university, ensuring the institution operates smoothly, services are delivered to students and information is protected through security measures."

Michel Nadeau

Associate Vice-President of Facilities Management

"The university functions best in all realms when its facilities are working well. Students can maximize their learning experiences, staff can enjoy a more pleasant working environment, and the university itself can make a more positive physical impact in terms of environmental sustainability"

Carolina Willsher

Associate Vice-President of Human Resources

"Concordia is a fabulous place to work. People are proud to work here. They’re proud to be part of the university and to contribute to Concordia’s future."

Sabrina Lavoie

Executive Director of Budget Planning and Business Development

"The e-commerce platform is all about increasing access, lowering stress, and making life easier, but Budget Planning and Business Development’s other major accomplishment is about improving quality."

Pietro Gasparrini

Director of Environmental Health and Safety

"It’s impossible for any health and safety department to wrap its arms around an entire university and keep it safe: real safety grows from a community committed to fostering an environment of safety on both the greater scale and the smaller scale."

Jacques Lachance

Director of Security

"When I arrived here 15 years ago, the university was approximately a third the size it is today with probably half the number of students we have at the present time. But at the time we had 2,100 incidents per year. Now we’re down to 800. We’ve made a lot of improvements."

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