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Kirsten Sutherland

Facilities Management

“My work in planning has taught me take the time to understand a project from all angles with its complexities and personalities. I have a lot of pride in Concordia and what the university has accomplished. I have learned that the best architectural design will never be enough if the client is not happy with what is delivered.”

Robert Belisle


“To achieve project success, you need to appreciate everyone’s workload, time, and implication level by establishing a project plan that respects these variables, while encouraging active participation by all parties.”

Heather Williams

Budget Planning and Business Development

“The most rewarding part of the job is: seeing that smile on a student’s face; hearing that thank you from a high school, CEGEP, or university parent; recognizing the understanding in a professor’s eyes and that nod of the head as to why we offer cost effective course material…”

Guy Fontaine


“I’m very proud of our statistics regarding security incidents. Even though our university population and building areas have doubled in the past 10 years, we have managed to maintain or decrease incident levels.”

Isabelle Mailhot Leduc

Environmental Health and Safety

“I have learned so much about food services’ supply chains through my work here, yet I feel I’m only starting to scratch the surface. My passion for integrating local and sustainable foods into the institutional procurement has only grown since I have started in this position.”

Alfonsina Plenzich

Human Resources

“This job has allowed me to discover who I really am by working alongside many different types of people. I’ve learned to use my wise mind instead of my emotional mind. I’m so grateful to be working at the university I attended. “

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