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Guidelines for the acceptable use of names, date of birth and sex

To ensure that:

  1. a student's legal name is used on Concordia records, transcripts and on its certificates, diplomas and degrees.
  2. a student's legal date of birth and sex are recorded in the Student Data Base and appear on student records.
  3. names, dates of birth, and sex on the Student Information System reflect information appearing on official accepted documents relating to civil (immigration/citizenship) status.
  4. only names, date of birth and sex which appear on an acceptable document are recorded on the Student Information System including spacing, spelling and punctuation.


  • information written on an application form that conflicts with what is on the official acceptable document will be recorded to reflect that appearing on the official acceptable document.
  • information and documentation described in this document are necessary for the creation of a permanent code by the Québec Ministry of Education.
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