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Other records & course descriptions

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

A course description is a brief description of the course and is not considered as a course outline or syllabus. Course descriptions for the current academic year and for previous years, going back to 1975, can be found in our Undergraduate Calendar website.

If you require a general undergraduate course descriptions for the years 1975 and earlier, the transcript department can provide these at a cost of $5.65 per academic year. Please contact us for information on how to make your request.

Graduate Course Descriptions

To obtain Graduate course descriptions please contact the appropriate graduate department.

Student Record

A record is a comprehensive report of a student's academic history at the University. It is a complete academic record and includes all courses followed at Concordia. If only a student record (unofficial transcript) is required, one can be obtained at the Birks Student Service Centre or by faxing a signed request to the Office of the Registrar at 514-848-2621.

Students are also able to access their student record online. You can also find the link to view your unofficial transcript in the Student Hub's My CU Account.

Concordia Continuing Education transcripts

Please visit the Centre for Continuing Education for information on requesting a transcript.

Degree Verification Requests

External organizations conducting degree verifications for employment purposes may submit a request via email to Requests must be accompanied by a signed consent form that specifies the release of education/academic history. General consent forms that do not mention academic history will not be accepted. Only true signatures or digital signatures will be accepted on the authorization forms.

Concordia responds to degree verifications via email. Please ensure you are submitting the request from an email account to which we can reply.

If you are a former student wanting proof of graduation, please request an official transcript or submit a request for an attestation letter.

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