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Membership information

New candidates are invited to join based on their academic standing and year of study. Letters are sent out at the beginning of the winter semester inviting all undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or above to apply.

The first step in this process is to reply with a statement of intent as well as a CV that includes the student’s school and community involvement. Out of hundreds of applicants, approximately 60 are chosen for interviews. Twenty five are selected to attend a final group interview, which consists of a cocktail gathering arranged for the potential candidates. Here, individuals converse among themselves and with the present Garnet Key members, while they display immaculate social and etiquette skills. After the cocktail, 12 new Garnet Key members are selected from the 25 that were present.

To potential members:

The Garnet Key Society is not only for those who have a high academic standing; each member must fulfill their role by demonstrating remarkable social skills, etiquette skills, and a devout commitment to serve Concordia and its community. Each year, 12 handpicked students are chosen to be ambassadors of Concordia, to represent and promote a positive image at social gatherings, galas, official dinners, and many other important events, often in the social circles of Concordia’s administration, prominent speakers, and highly special guests.

The importance of the Garnet Key is to represent a positive image of Concordia. Often times, Garnet Key members are the only students present at the high profile events. As such, it is absolutely vital that these students demonstrate a very balanced lifestyle; they must excel in all three areas: academic, social, and community involvement.

In the past, Garnet Key members have had the chance to meet influential public figures such as David Suzuki, Lance Armstrong, and Al Gore.

We are proud to be celebrating 60 years of this longstanding tradition; we continue to pass on the torch to exceptional student ambassadors who can create many more prosperous years for the Garnet Key Society and Concordia University. 

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