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Community Projects 2019

The Garnet Key Calendar


Here is an overview of each Garnet Cause to show you just how large of an impact a single society can have when the Montreal Community comes together to support those in need!

September: Education

Being the time when most schools begin their year, we feel it is the perfect opportunity to motivate people to pursue higher education and help them finance this. As such, the Garnet Key decided to participate in Concordia’s annual Shuffle, a walk from Concordia’s SGW campus to its Loyola campus: that’s 6.5km!

October: Children’s Health

While Halloween is a time of ghouls and frights, there are people scared for entirely different reasons: the health of their family. As such, we believe it is our duty to bring a little joy in the month of October for all the little boys and girls whose siblings are in the hospital. Therefore, we decided to volunteer at the Montreal Children's Hospital's Just For Kids Sibling Park. We also decided to do a Bake Sale to raise funds for the Children’s.

November: Women Empowerment

This month will be dedicated to reaching out to the women of Montreal. With the weather getting colder and the month for giving slowly approaching, we will be collecting goods around the city of Montreal to give to Chez Doris - a “Second Home” for many women in Montreal.

December: Giving Back

With the Holiday Seasons filling the air, we thought we would make this month's Garnet Cause extra special. We will start by volunteering our time by gift wrapping for a charity and spending a day in a soup kitchen.

January: Mental Health

At Concordia we believe the key to a great future is a great present, so we put a lot of importance in our people's current mental health. We will have a Welcome Back Bake Sale to show our peers we wish them a successful semester by providing some sweet treats. As well, the Garnet Key will take part in Concordia’s Mental Health Fair.

February: Open Cause

Because we want to incorporate the student body as best as possible, we decided to keep this month open for the student body to decide where they want us to be and what they want us to do. So let’s see where they take us!

March: Paws 4 a Cause

Often we forget very important members of our community: animals! To make sure that we are touching every part of our community, the Garnet Key decided to create Paws 4 a Cause to support our furry friends through a fundraiser coffee house event.

April: Sustainability

We are all aware how important our Earth is and what better way to celebrate the sustainability of our planet than to raise awareness during this time! With Earth Day being on April 22nd, we will be hosting an awareness booth with fun initiatives, creative sustainable living suggestions, and giveaways. We will also be partaking in a park clean up to make our city a little more green with the help of the student body!

Our Goal

Our goal for this year-long campaign is not only to impact the various communities within Montreal, but to inspire each and every one of you to do the same. The effect one person can have on the world is limited, but if enough people are involved, there are no limits to what we can do.

So go out and help your fellow Montrealers! And keep an eye out on what the Garnet Key Society is planning next, so that you can get involved and make this community better than it was yesterday. You can keep up to date with all our activities on our Facebook page here.

We hope this has inspired you all to do good and be the change that you wish to see.

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