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Honorary degree citation - Annette Verschuren

By: Kathleen Boies, November 2019

Mr. President, it is my honour to present to you Ms. Annette Verschuren, visionary business leader.

Ms. Verschuren grew up on a dairy farm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. When her father was incapacitated by a heart attack at the young age of 42, she and her four siblings took up his responsibilities. She credits this difficult turn of events with instilling in her the assertiveness and fortitude that served her so well in her career.

Those personal qualities were on full display when she helped first Michaels craft stores, then Home Depot expand rapidly across Canada. Home Depot’s meteoric rise led its US headquarters to appoint her to lead the company’s expansion into China.

Grâce à son sens des affaires et à son expérience en entrepreneuriat, Madame Verschuren est très sollicitée à titre de conseillère auprès de grandes sociétés, de centres d’innovation et de gouvernements. Mais elle poursuit également ses activités sur le terrain en tant que chef d’entreprise.

Since 2012 she has led NRStor Inc., which installs, maintains and operates the latest in large-scale battery technology. By partnering with remote Indigenous communities to deliver clean energy microgrids that reduce dependence on diesel fuel, NRStor combines three qualities that Concordians value – sustainability, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

Mr. President, on behalf of Senate and the Board of Governors, it is my privilege and honour to present to you Ms. Annette Verschuren, so that you may confer upon her the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

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