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Honorary degree citation - Robert Briscoe

By: Alexandra Dawson, June 2018

Mr. Chancellor, it is my honour to present to you Mr. Robert Briscoe, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

While working full-time straight out of high school, then raising a young family, Mr. Briscoe took night classes for six years at Sir George Williams University, today Concordia’s downtown campus. After earning his BSc, his passion to become a research chemist morphed into a desire to lead. He decided to return for six more years of night classes as part of Sir George’s first-ever MBA cohort.

After graduating, Mr. Briscoe stuck to what he knew best, food chemistry, and soon emerged as a shrewd investor and entrepreneur with leadership talent. His 40-year career has been success upon success: among others, he was president for three decades of Macco Organiques, a food and pharmaceutical company; he founded AlimPlus Inc., a food distribution service he ran for 24 years; and he is now owner of Dubé Loiselle Inc., a food distributor.

Mr. Briscoe believes strongly in reinvesting, which he has done in several ways. While still an undergraduate he got his professional start at Lallemand—and never forgot it, going on to serve as non-executive chairman for 42 years.

Il a été membre de nombreux conseils d’administration, ainsi que président de la Chambre de commerce du Canada en 2001 et 2002.

Monsieur Briscoe a en outre réinvesti dans son alma mater. En plus de financer des bourses d’études, sa conjointe et lui ont fondé en 2015 le Centre d’études Bob-et-Raye-Briscoe en propriété d’entreprise, à l’École de gestion John-Molson.

Mr. Chancellor, on behalf of Senate and the Board of Governors, it is my privilege and honour to present to you Mr. Robert Briscoe, so that you may confer upon her the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

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