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Honorary degree citation - Jahangir Mohammed

By: Amir Asif, June 2017

Mr. Chancellor, it is my honour to present to you Mr. Jahangir Mohammed, CEO and founder of Jasper, and one of the early pioneers in IoT or “Internet of Things” technology.

IoT technology involves embedding computing power and connectivity into even the tiniest aspects of everyday life.

Mr. Mohammed recognized this trend earlier than most.

He founded Jasper in 2004, four years before IBM began its push to build a "Smarter Planet" and a full eight years before Cisco announced its "Internet of Everything" campaign.

Jasper pioneered software enables companies to connect and manage world’s machines and things. By doing so, the things and machines provide far better utility for people. — the first product of its kind.

Over the past decade, Mr. Mohammed has grown Jasper into a global, cloud-based IoT platform used by over 10,000 companies to manage millions of connected products and devices. About a year ago Jasper was acquired by Cisco for $1.4B, and Jasper is now a foundational techncology in Cisco Internet of Things offerings.

Among the companies using Jasper’s IoT service platform are some of the world’s including Coca Cola, General Motors, Amazon Kindle and GE.

Under Mr. Mohammed's leadership, Jasper was selected for the 2015 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award, which recognizes technology companies’ impact on business and society.

Prior to founding Jasper, Mr. Mohammed co-founded Kineto Wireless Inc. Under his leadership, Kineto raised financing from top-tier venture capital firms and pioneered the technology and solution for convergence of Wi-Fi and Cellular. That technology became the basis of a GSM world standard.

Mr. Mohammed was born in a village in Southern India, and was the first person to graduate in engineering from that village.

Mr. Mohammed is a Concordia alumnus, having received a Master’s in Electrical & Computer Engineering in 1993.

He holds 72 patents in the areas of communications and Internet of Things.

Mr. Chancellor, on behalf of Senate and the Board of Governors, it is my privilege and honour to present to you Mr. Jahangir Mohammed, so that you may confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa.

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