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Honorary degree citation - Theodore Lande*

By: Steven H. Appelbaum, June 1985

Mr. Chancellor, I have the honour to present to you, Theodore Lande, a distinguished business executive and community leader with a great concern for the Concordia and Montreal communities.

Mr. Lande has been a prominent executive in the Montreal community for the past forty-five years and has contributed to the vibrance and vitality of this city as a business centre. He graduated from Sir George Williams College with a B.Sc. in Commerce in 1939 and has been actively supporting Concordia University since his graduation.

Upon graduation, Mr. Lande initiated the Nathan Lande Scholarship which was one of the only two student scholarships at Sir George Williams College forty-five years ago.

Mr. Lande chaired the Alumni Division Campaign and the Dr. Kenneth E. Norris Building Campaign resulting in the realization of a $400,000 campaign goal. Shortly after this fund raising effort, Mr. Lande, along with two of his brothers, personally donated a Music Appreciation Room in memory of his mother.

Ted Lande then served as Chairman of the Alumni division and was heavily involved in the Dr. Henry F. Hall Building Campaign. His contribution to that endeavour was the largest and in addition, contributed an Educational Room in memory of his mother. Current involvement focuses on the Library Campaign in which he is quite active.

Mr. Lande was one of the founding fathers of the Alumni Society and participated in the union of Loyola and Sir George Williams to result in Concordia University. He was President of Student Council, the Undergraduate Society, served two terms on the Board of Governors and the Alumni Associates. He also served as Director of the Concordia Associates.

Other affiliations of Mr. Lande include: recipient of the Cup for Corporate Fund Raising for the Cornbined Jewish Appeal; recipient of the Fund Raising award to B'Nai Brith of Canada; Founding Member and Treasurer of the Lord Reading Yacht Club.

Mr. Lande has also contributed to art and to the following museums: Robert McLaughlin Museum (Oshawa); Musee Heritage Museum (St. Albert, Alberta); Greater Victoria Museum (Victoria, B.C.); Hamilton Museum (Ontario); Stratford Museum (Ontario); Ste. Catherines's Museum (Ontario).

Mr. Theodore Lande has been a supporter, activist, friend and driver of Concordia University and its mission. This love affair has been going on for almost one-half a century. Mr. Lande is a most worthy recipient of Concordia honours, his school to which he has given so unselfishly and graciously.

In honouring Theodore Lande today, this University is recognizing the outstanding achievements of a man who has dedicated his professional life to this University. We are so much richer as a result of his contributions.

Mr. Chancellor, it is therefore a privilege to present to you, on behalf of the University Senate and by the authority of the Board of Governors, Theodore Lande that you may confer on him the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

* deceased

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