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Honorary degree citation - Paul Gallagher*

By: Samuel Madras, June 1970

Mr. Chancellor,

Mr. Paul Gallagher has always participated in and given leadership in Montreal.

What makes him outstanding among educators in our city and province is that he presented himself as a candidate for the Directorship of Dawson College, the first English CEGEP, at what was the darkest moment in its embryonic history. All it had was a charter, and the eager expectations by students and their parents that it would come to life.

It was Mr. Gallagher who ensured that the hopes of this community would be fulfilled. Step by step the college took shape. It assumed its own personality.

Courageously, it took its stand for a liberal, flexible, relevant and inspiring version CEGEP education, and this it brought to function. Dawson students are concerned, hard working and eager. Dawson faculty are devoted, resourceful and unsparing of themselves, and the architect and sculptor of this new college is unquestionably its Director.

Mr. Gallagher comes well prepared for his task. In his youthful career, he has been Director of Studies at St. Joseph Teachers' College; member of the Superior Council, and Chairman of its Commission on Secondary Education; Special Advisor to the National Film Board on Education Productions; Member of the Examinations Board for Normal Schools of the Province of Quebec; and Director General de la Commissions des Ecoles Catholiques de Pointe Claire at Beaconsfield.

It is indeed a pleasure for me to present Mr. Gallagher to you so that you may confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa.

* deceased

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