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Honorary degree citation - George Maxwell Hobart*

By: Andrew Berczi, June 1970

Mr. Chancellor:

I have the honour to present to you Mr. George Maxwell Hobart, B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering.

Mr. Hobart.was educated at the Royal Institute of Technology in Glasgow, Scotland and McGill University of Montreal. During his distinguished career which extended over one half of a century, he served as Vice-President, Executive Vice President, President and Chairman of the Board with Summerville Limited, Consolidated Paper Corporation Limited and Consolidated Bathurst Limited. He is also a past President of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association and served as director with Rolland Paper Company Limited, Montreal Trust Company, Boston Common Stock Fund, Belgium Standard Limited and WACO General Industries Limited, just to mention a few.

Mr. Hobart's accomplishments in the Canadian Business community is a record for which alone he could be acclaimed. We honour him today, however, not only for these achievements, but also for his outstanding service to the community as past President of the YMCA both of London, Ontario and of the Metropolitan Branch in Montreal. He was also the first Vice President of the Corporation of Sir George Williams College during the years of transformation into a University and was Governor of Sir George Williams University for a number of years.

Mr. Chancellor, I am proud to present Mr. George Maxwell Hobart on behalf of the University Council and by authority of the Board of Governors that you may confer on him the degree of Doctorate of Laws, honoris causa.

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