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Honorary degree citation - Samuel H. Schecter*

By: Douglass Burns Clarke, June 1968

Mr. Chancellor:

I present to you Samuel H. Schecter, businessman, impressario, bon vivant, patron of the arts, and benefactor of this university.

A native Montrealer, Mr. Schecter is prominent in the business life of this city; a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table, he is one of the elite of the world's outstanding life underwriters and a leader in his chosen profession.

His interests have ranged widely from his career, however. In the summer of 1958, he was a delegate to the UNESCO East West Cultural Mission that Canada sent to Japan, and in 1959 he spent some time in the Soviet Union with the distinguished Canadian photographer, Gaby, interviewing the cultural elite of that country.

Always interested in the Arts, Mr. Schecter occupied himself for some years as an impressario managing some of the world's great musicians, and it was due to his interest and initiative that Montreal was visited by some of these great artists in the 1940's.

His interest in the good things of life is wide and intense. Some few years ago, he conceived the idea that each university should have within it its own collection of painting and sculpture. The present outstanding Sir George Williams University Collection of Canadian Art, now comprising over two hundred and fifty pieces, exists today as a monument to Mr. Schecter's imagination, perseverance, and constant support. Its existence has done much to establish a standard of excellence in this university in this discipline and has given delight to thousands of viewers both from within and without the university community. This university owes him a great debt of gratitude, and it is with great pleasure and honour, Sir, that, on the recommendation of the University Council, and by authority of the Board of Governors, I present him to you that you may confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

* deceased

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