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Honorary degree citation - Lionel Boulet*

By: Jack Bordan, June 1968

Mr. Chancellor:

I present to you Lionel Boulet, baccalauréat ès arts, baccalauréat ès sciences (en génie èlectrique) and Master of Science, Director of the Hydro-Quebec Research Institute.

Lionel Boulet has a long association with the Engineering profession, as student, as practitioner, as professor and head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Université Lavai, and as consultant to industry. He has played an active role in his professional associations and despite his departure from the formai academic scene he has continued to maintain an active interest in the problems of Engineering education. From his present position as manager of the Hydro-Quebec Research Institute he has expressed his concern for the need to develop strong broadly based Engineering curricula, and to impress upon young Engineers that education is a life's work. His realistic appraisal of the necessity for joint industry university research activity as a means of providing increased contact between Engineering practitioners and university faculty will have long lasting benefits to the universities, to industry, and to the Engineering profession.

Mr. Boulet has said,

"Je crois fermement que, pour le bien de notre pays, nous devrions commencer à étudier chez nous nos propres problèmes. C'est le seul moyen d'inciter nos jeunes diplômés à rester au Canada."

Mr. Boulet's Research Institute represents a concrete answer to his expressed belief. Its establishment is a major development in Quebec and indeed in Canada, since it will have specialized facilities for testing, development and research otherwise not available in this country.

* deceased

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